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Privacy is a human right.
"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."
Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

AntiLeaks is a new Internet PRIVACY device, reliable and easy to use. It is MORE THAN VPN!

It consists of a smart Wi-Fi Hotspot, which can be connected to any existing router by using a standard RJ45 LAN cable. It encrypts all your Internet traffic making it undecipherable and inaccessible to online spies.

With AntiLeaks HotSpot no one will be able to track your real location or spy on your online activities.

And you don't need to install any software!

  • Plug into your network
  • Turn on
  • Connect to its Wi-Fi
  • GO!

Become invisible. Encrypt all your data traffic.

Devices connected to the AntiLeaks HotSpot become instantly and automatically protected, while the data travels encrypted over your already existing Internet access.

Whoever was spying on you (the middle man) won't be able to detect what you are doing online.

It is common knowledge that many Internet providers may throttle your speed down, depending on what you are doing online. Some may reduce your speed if you, for example, are watching movies or downloading big files.

They won't be able to identify your activities anymore. Not even the local government.

Unlock content. No more IP Geolocation. Be anywhere, anytime you want.

With a touch of the button, you can switch your IP address and change the country in which you appear to be located. You can select among more than 100 different countries and more than 150 different locations, in all 7 continents.

This feature allows you not only to shield your real location but also to unlock websites and online content that normally wouldn't be available to you. Have you ever been prevented from accessing anything or seen a message saying, “This content is not available in your location”?

With AntiLeaks HotSpot you are able to switch to another location with a single touch on its button.

Have your own private DNS server. Stop the Ghost/Shadow Trackers. No more DNS Leaks!

Every time you access a website or a resource on the Internet, your device makes a request to a DNS server. The DNS server answers your device and let it know the IP address of the resource you are trying to reach. After that, your device accesses this IP address. This process occurs in the background and is not visible to you.

Usually the DNS server is set and located inside the Internet providers. They are able to see which requests your devices are making and, as a result, determine what you are doing on the Internet.

Let's say that you open your web browser and access the Facebook website. The DNS server that you are using, can see that you’ve made a request to facebook.com and a robot (automated system, AKA Ghost/Shadow Tracker) can follow you, open this very same website, read it and take whatever measure it wants. This process is automatic and you can't see it.

With AntiLeaks HotSpot you will no longer use external DNS servers and they won't be able to know what your devices are doing on the Internet. You won't be followed by these Ghost/Shadow trackers anymore.

Anti-Breaching feature. AntiLeaks HotSpot won't let you down!

AntiLeaks HotSpot is the first and only device which detects when "external forces" tries to breach your encryption protocol by throttling your traffic.

If an attempt to expose your activity is detected, your Internet traffic will be paused while AntiLeaks HotSpot automatically switches you to a different IP address. This happens without breaking your Wi-Fi connection.

After obtaining a new IP address and making sure that it is working and that you are protected, your Internet access is released again.

A common VPN connection, when dropped, will always and immediately expose you, but with AntiLeaks HotSpot you don't need to worry about it!

AD Filter. Filter out the advertisements!

AntiLeaks HotSpot can detect and filter out most of the online advertisement on the Internet. Banners and propaganda will become invisible to you, therefore saving your bandwith and speeding up your traffic.

The ad filter is constantly and automatically updated, so you don't need to worry about it.

Of course, you can enable or disable the Ad Filter, anytime you want.

Cache Server: Improves speed, saves bandwidth and prevents lags when watching videos or streamed content!

AntiLeaks HotSpot includes a cache server, which buffers and accelerates your Internet. It also helps to prevent streaming content from stopping when AntiLeaks HotSpot has to switch your IP address, for example.

It stores and caches static content and compares new content with the one already cached. If the external content is not new, it delivers the local content, which is much faster and saves bandwidth.

The use of the cache server is optional. Devices connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot have to set it up manually, in case they want to use it.

Multi-user: Share your Safety!

AntiLeaks HotSpot allows multiple devices to connect at the same time and benefit from it's protective features.

You can connect your Computers, SmartTVs, Tablets, Smartphones and any other Wi-Fi Devices.

On the OLED display you can see in real-time how many devices are connected and protected.

Multi-Compatible: Protect all your devices!

You can connect ANY Wi-Fi device to AntiLeaks HotSpot.

Your SmartTV, Laptop, Smartphone, Wi-Fi Printer, Wi-Fi Camera and all other Wi-Fi devices you have, can connect and benefit from AntiLeaks HotSpot.

Multi-function Button

A single touch on the AntiLeaks HotSpot button allows you to immediately switch your IP address (and geographic location).

Hold it for 5 seconds to restart AntiLeaks HotSpot or hold it for 10 seconds to shutdown.

Easy as 1-2-3.

Smart Interface

The OLED display of AntiLeaks HotSpot shows in real time to which server it is trying to connect, which IP address you obtained, the geographic location and also how many users are connected to the that Wi-Fi Hotspot and/or to Cache server.

And the LEDs make it easier to understand, even from a far distance, if it's ready/available or not. They blink when AntiLeaks HotSpot is switching your IP address and turn on when it's connected and the Internet access becomes available.

Know your REAL Speed!

AntiLeaks HotSpot measures and shows on the OLED Display your download and upload speed, every time you connect and obtain a new IP address. Not fast enough for what you want to do? Just press the button and try a different IP address. Simple.

Have Multiple: Extend your Wi-Fi coverage!

Each AntiLeaks HotSpot is capable of accepting multiple Wi-Fi connections at the same time, but this does not mean that you can have only one and therefore limited to its Wi-Fi signal range.

You can install as many AntiLeaks HotSpot as you want on your network. If you, for example, have a big house, a Café or Hotel, you can extend the Wi-Fi coverage and protect everybody simple by installing extra AntiLeaks HotSpot, in every floor or in every room.

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